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Media Encoding

It is very important to have your online media, whether it be audio, video or images in the correct format to optimize download time from your website.

Nothing frustrates people more these days than having to wait for something to load due its file size!

We can encode all your audio and video media for optimal performance on the web.

We have professional services for Audio and Visual production including jingles, TV ads or corporate video, or we can record your next music album and video clip

Drake Web and Graphic Design

Audio Production

With top line studio equipment, engineers and facilities we can record your next album, single or demo to the highest quality available. We can cater to all your production needs, whether it be a full recording from start to end or maybe it might just be a part such as drum tracks, guitars, vocals etc.

We can import and export to most popular recording software from Protools to Cubase, as well as others.

We have a selection of high quality microphones (Neumann, Red, MXL, etc) as well as some of the best outboard gear and recording interfaces available. We can also mix to 5.1 surround sound.

We also have multitrack recording facility for on location recording of live albums, gigs, etc. We also supply PA sound reinforcement.

Our rates are competitive and very reasonable so contact us for a quote.